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AurusPay Powers High End Coffee Vending Kiosks

AurusPay Powers High End Coffee Vending Kiosks

Automated coffee dispensing kiosks now integrated with Aurus' payment solution


BOSTON, Oct 10, 2013- A software development company, with a focus on improving beverage order flow will be launching their card enabled automated coffee kiosks at a few locations in the United States, later in Oct 2013. The expansion is a result of the success they saw after launching the product earlier this year in Canada.

The unattended coffee kiosks with capabilities of just accepting cash, for automated, customizable, barista quality coffee, approached Aurus with a view to expand payment options. Aurus integrated its payment solution with the machines, supported by its vast networks across the payment industry, and enabled the kiosks to accept credit and debit cards.

The company wanted to power coffee vending kiosks with solutions that could not only guarantee a record of drinks produced, but could also move from a cash based to a card based method of payment acceptance. The shift since the integration with AurusPay has been extremely profitable, with talks of further expanding payment options to include gift cards, coupons as well as contactless payments, in the future.

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