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Aurus, Organizes Blood Donation Camp to Give Back to Pune

Rahul Mutha

Pune, August 19, 2014- Aurus, Inc in association with Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital organized a blood donation camp at its Pune office last week. It was one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) activities taken up by the US headquartered Company that has major software development facility in Pune.

Over 65 employees participated in the blood drive. According the to the Red Cross one blood donation could save up to three lives. It has been proven that blood donation is also provides health benefits to the donor as well. Each employee donor received a free screening test for Hemoglobin and a medical check up by trained professionals from the hospital.

Rahul Mutha, CEO of Aurus remarked, “We are happy to see the enthusiasm displayed by the team members. We are proud to say that apart from having experts in their providing secure payment technology, our engineering team are keen to give back to Pune.” He went on to say, “This program also benefited our corporate donors by providing them a free medical consultation which is an essential ingredient to leading a healthy life”.

The BTO, Blood Bank of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Dr. S. V. Ketkar certified, “We are grateful to all those donors who spontaneously donated their blood and helped us in catering the transfusion therapy needs of critically ill our hospital and nearby nursing homes.” He added that “We sincerely appreciate their efforts and look forward to their continued co-operation in motivating blood donors in future.”

Aurus is planning to embark on other CSR activities both in Pune and the US. The Company feels it is important to support the communities that their staff ‘s family lives.

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