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Aurus accelerates launch of product platform with Ruby on Rails framework

Ruby On Rails

Aurus partners with a leading product firm to co-develop their product relationship management platform backed by ROR.


Boston, March 28, 2014- A San Francisco based product firm recently launched a platform, co-developed by Aurus, that aide’s product relationship management. This innovative platform, developed using the Ruby on Rails framework, aims to help brands manage and curate post purchase data and services for consumer products. Aurus leveraged its expertise and experience in ROR to accelerate the launch of this robust platform within a considerably reduced time and also helped control development costs.

The firms’ vision was to enhance the platform with customizable features that would allow retailers to receive feedback about products sold and enhance cross and up selling opportunities. With over a decade of experience and expertise in leading software languages, Aurus recommended the use of Ruby on Rails during the development of the platform to suit the firms’ requirements. The platforms customizable features included a flexible content management system and an easily configurable database.

VP of Services Paresh Pachangrikar remarked, “An increasing number of companies are expressing the need for cost effectiveness and faster development processes; requirements that ROR can help meet.” He added, “Our experience gives us an understanding of the nuances of various parameters and helps optimize each ones impact in a project. A combination of this and our expertise working on multiple projects in various industries enables us to recommend an apt solution that can best meet a client’s requirement. We definitely look forward to our continued partnership with this firm as they realize their vision of bringing innovative products and solutions to the market.”

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