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Another Milestone in Retail Chain Deployment

Aurus Retail Chain

Aurus reaches 8000+ mark in the deployment of their payment solution AurusPay for a leading brands hair salon stores across the world


BOSTON, Jun 3, 2013 - Aurus continues with its growth in the retail industry by crossing the 8000 store mark in the deployment of their payment solution AurusPay for a leading Hair Salon Corporation headquartered in Minneapolis. The brand, a global leader in the beauty industry, has stores across the world, of which AurusPay's integration was conducted with their stores located in the United States, Caribbean Islands, Canada and Europe over a span of 5 years.

Aurus' payment solution offers a multifaceted platform that along with processing transactions enables stores to engage consumers with options like marketing campaigns, CRM and reward programs amongst others. AurusPay is treading the path of converting the point of purchase into a point of interaction, which the stores can leverage to achieve brand distinction and increase consumer satisfaction.

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Aurus Inc. (formerly TalentBeat) was established in 2000, with the vision to provide cutting edge, innovative technology solutions using cost effective development models. The company caters to clientele across the globe, including Fortune 2000 companies in retail, payments, healthcare and financial verticals. Its' PCI-DSS and PA-DSS certified patented (US Patent # 8543461) processing platforms feature set goes beyond a traditional payment processing platform and has features that span across payment processing, CRM, loyalty, mobile and social media integration. For more information visit:

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